With Halyna Abramova @galaled.art
Nazar Ivanyuk @inkkk.inkkk
Andrij Davydenko @dedede.art

I would be happy to see you⛓️🤍

A warehouse
Thu fri sun 5-7pm

Wandtarchive Neubrueckstr 8
40213 Düsseldorf

03.02.2024 6pm a lecture by Evdokia Michailidou @evdokia.michailidou
And Music by Riad Nassar @riadxio

Given a grid.
Handmade and raw, delicate, fine and yielding. Distorted.
It builds space.
An exoskeleton connecting digital and analogue places.
It unfolds a package of connections that are currently inaccessible.

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